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We are on a CASHLESS SYSTEM. Please let your guests know that we will take credit cards or checks on board. Square does not charge CC fees to owners/guests.

Always be sure to check these Alerts, the Hat Island Info Facebook Page and Twitter for any updates.


Welcome to the Hat Island Community Web Site! This is where you’ll find lots of information about living and vacationing on Hat Island. If you’re just visiting, check out the menu across the top for details on renting and buying Hat Island property, job openings, and how to contact the island manager for more details. If you’re already a resident or property owner, drop down the Member Area menu for topics of interest specifically for you. Hat Island is a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest – come check us out!

Recent Tweets from the Island Manager

PUD is having difficulty locating the problem. However, we will utilize a generator at the fuel station so residents will be able get get fuel from 12 to 1 today. The fire department will be available from 3 to 7 today if you need to charge your devices or take a shower.

We will most likely not be pumping fuel today. PUD is out and working on the problem. We will update you when we have more information.

Unfortunately, PUD encountered some unexpected issues. The crew just wrapped up for tonight. PUD thought the only remaining issue was on the mainland. Now the repair crew is planning to...

PUD has fixed the problem on the island. However, they need to replace a switch on the other side. Power should be restored by 8 this evening.

If the power is restored on the Island, we will pump fuel from 12 to 1 on Sunday.

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