Alerts and Notices

COMPLETE BURN BAN EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY BY ORDER OF SCFD 27 and SNOHOMISH COUNTY (Cooking and recreational camp fires are allowed)

Hat Island Online Exhibit and Timeline

Make sure to check out the work of our Summer Intern, Laynie Moran:

3rd Quarter Assessments

Just a friendly reminder that your third quarter assessments are due on September 30th.  You can send in a check or pay online…

Masks on the Ferry 

Masks continue to be required on the ferry.  Please note that this means the entire trip.  Ferry crew will remind you if they see you remove your mask.  If they have to ask you repeatedly to keep your mask on you may be fined or perhaps suspended from riding the ferry.  Hat Island has many residents that fall into the high-risk category for Covid-19.  We are not willing to put them at risk, the crew at risk and for that matter any of our owners at risk.  We know that we are all weary of COVID-19.  However, as long as these restrictions are in place, we will be enforcing them

Ferry Ridership Changes coming in October

The weather is changing quickly and the leaves have begun to …..Fall!  With that said, to keep within the guidelines and allow riders to remain 6 feet apart we will be limiting ridership to 25 rider per trip starting on October 1.  Please note that passage continues to be limited to owners and their close family members.  Close family members is defined as Parents, Adult Children and Siblings.  Please not extended family at this time. If a sibling is married they’re spouse is welcome.  Thank you for understanding that no one wants to limit ridership but must do what is necessary to protect our owners.

COVID-19 Update

Just a few reminders where the island stands regarding restrictions due to COVID-19.

  • Only owners and their families can currently ride the ferry.
  • No guest boats in the marina.
  • The public restrooms are closed.
  • The playground is currently closed.

2020 Hat Express Proposed Rates

Single Passage Rates

Adult Passenger                              $9.00

Youth Passenger (7-18)                  $5.00

Child (0-6)                                         $2.00

Pet (in a carrier)                               $3.00

Pet (not in a carrier)                        $6.00

Adult Commuter Fare Books                                     $180

Youth 7-18 Commuter Fare Books                           $100

Child (to 6 years) Commuter Fare Books                 $40

Cage Pet Commuter Fare Books                                $60

Un-Caged Pet Commuter Fare Books                      $120


Hat Island, WE CAN DO THIS!

Always be sure to check these Alerts, the Hat Island Info Facebook Page and Twitter for any updates.


Welcome to the Hat Island Community Web Site! This is where you’ll find lots of information about living and vacationing on Hat Island. If you’re just visiting, check out the menu across the top for details on renting and buying Hat Island property, job openings, and how to contact the island manager for more details. If you’re already a resident or property owner, drop down the Member Area menu for topics of interest specifically for you. Hat Island is a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest – come check us out!

Recent Tweets from the Island Manager

Sending you all happy thoughts on this smoky Wednesday! The island is here....can you find us?

Division M water temporarily shut off to flush the system.

We have a water leak in M due to construction by Whidbey Tel. The maintenance team is working to get the leak fixed. We have no time estimate for repair at this time but will keep you updated as we learn more.

The parts are here, they are glued and in place…the glue must set for 24 hours. We will try and turn the water on in the morning and end the saga of the leak in Division N. Thank you to those in Division N who have been so understanding as our team works on getting this fixed!

The water is still out in Division N. We expect it to be back on early tomorrow morning.

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