FERRY FOR SALE!  Great Price!  Coast Guard Inspected and ready to sail!Ferry For Sale


The Hat Island Board of Trustees recently met with representatives from PUD for a progress update on our new cable.  As talks with the Tulalips have not been productive, they have begun researching new locations to lay the cable from.  Once they have vetted the three locations that they are exploring, the process of permitting from those areas can proceed.  The Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet with them again in the next few weeks and will continue to keep the island informed of the progress made.

Ferry Riders

If you have a concern about something on the ferry, please contact ferry staff.  They can address it with the offending party.  If you feel your concern isn’t being handled by the crew in a timely, and effective manner, please ask to speak to the captain.  Please do not confront fellow passengers.

Masks are mandated on the ferry due to the rise in COVID-19.  Guests are required to wear masks, covering their mouth and nose.  If the crew has to ask you more than once, to follow this rule, the captain will ask you to not ride the ferry for a period of 2 weeks.


Saturday, August 14th at  10:30am, Special Community Meeting via ZOOM to announce the results of the “Resolution for Deferred Income” ballot.  Please call the office if you’d like to watch the results of this ballot.


It’s hot out there!  Please make sure to conserve water and watch for fires.  All it takes is a spark!  Alert owners can save the island by making sure we educate our friends and neighbors, reminding them there is a burn ban.  Let’s keep our fire free streak going…..we are at 6 days.

Talk to Each Other

How do you be a good neighbor?  Communicate with each other, lend a hand!  There are a lot of new owners on the island and they cannot expect to know all of the little idiosyncrasies and island rules that make our little island such a special place to be.  If you see someone that seems confused or is doing something that would be frowned upon, reach out and lend them a hand and offer advice.   Neighbors helping neighbors is how this island works and those of us that have been here for a long period of time need to reach out and lend that helping hand.

Fun, Fun, Fun!  Lots of fun about to come!

August is almost here and I know a lot of our owners who are teachers know how fast summer can come to an end.  Let’s focus on the summer we have left and boy are we ever gonna do just that!  Make sure to look at all of the attached flyers about the coming activities.

August 14th    The Mike McCarthy One Club Tournament and Potluck, 2:00pm

August 21st     Nature Conservancy Sponsored Beach Walk, 10:00am

August 21st      Hat Island Yacht Club Sponsored Drive In Movie Night, 9:00pm (flyer to come)


September 5th  Hat Island Yacht Club Craft Fair & Hot Dog Sale

Friday Golf is BACK!!!!

Attention all golfers! With the summer-like weather we’re seeing today, it’s time to start “Friday Fun Golf.” Every Friday throughout the summer, golfers convene at the caddy shack at 1:00 PM to draw random teams to play a 9-hole scramble; usually with a fun twist. All skill levels are welcome, as long as you bring one dollar for the kitty. Shirley Allen will be running the show until Ginger Harmon makes her way back to the island.


Another Holiday Update

Brix Marine (formally Armstrong Marine) are in Everett completing a small laundry list of finishing details needed as we prepare for the final Coast Guard inspection.  The new ramps to the ferry are complete and stationed, one on the island and one next to the vessel in Everett.  Captain Shane has put on a thick coat of non-skid paint so they are ready for all kinds of weather.

We have been working out all of the details regarding storage and cargo runs for owners.  Attached to this email are the updated ferry rules for Another Holiday.  Please take the time to read them.  The Hat Express Rules are still on the website at this time for comparison.

Please note that as we work out the details and have Another Holiday in service, we will need the wiggle room to adjust these ferry rules.

When Another Holiday goes into service, we will be limiting the number of pets to eight.  It will be important for you to book your pets when you are making reservations that you do so for your pets as well.  If they don’t have a reservation and we are at our eight-pet limit they won’t be allowed on board.  Again, this number may change once we are in operations.

We are currently working on a cargo schedule and pricing sheet. When we are ready to start the cargo runs this will be sent out and a reservation button will be added to Bookeo.  Depending on the amount of cargo this may accommodate up to 16 passengers.  Please keep an eye out for this information to be coming shortly.

Another Holiday stopped by the island today and we were able to try out a Costco cooler that we know a lot of owners own.  It Fit!!  No room on top…. but it fit!  We also fitted the overhead shelf with a Costco carryon suitcase.

Hat Island Online Exhibit and Timeline

Make sure to check out the work of our Summer Intern, Laynie Moran:

Masks on the Ferry 

Masks continue to be required on the ferry.  Please note that this means the entire trip.  Ferry crew will remind you if they see you remove your mask.  If they have to ask you repeatedly to keep your mask on you may be fined or perhaps suspended from riding the ferry.  Hat Island has many residents that fall into the high-risk category for Covid-19.  We are not willing to put them at risk, the crew at risk and for that matter any of our owners at risk.  We know that we are all weary of COVID-19.  However, as long as these restrictions are in place, we will be enforcing them

COVID-19 Update

Just a few reminders where the island stands regarding restrictions due to COVID-19.

  • Only owners and their families can currently ride the ferry.
  • No guest boats in the marina.
  • The public restrooms are closed.
  • The playground is currently closed.

Hat Island, WE CAN DO THIS!

Always be sure to check these Alerts, the Hat Island Info Facebook Page and Twitter for any updates.


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Recent Tweets

Board of Trustees Meeting and Meet the Candidates via ZOOM today. Please call the office by 10:15am for meeting login information.

Division M water is off due to a piece of equipment failure. Luckily, we have a spare. Water Operator Chris Inman is on the job and well will let you know when it goes back on.

5/27/2021 Winds are scheduled to get stronger throughout day. Possibility of afternoon cancellations. If we have to cancel we will reschedule for tomorrow. We will not be able to make that call until we get closer to sailing time. Please have alternative plans in place!

4:00 pm ferry from Hat to Everett is a go!

This morning's ferry run from Everett to Hat Island, Saturday April 10th, is cancelled due to High Winds. Please keep an eye out for pm run information when a decision has been made.

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