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Another Holiday Update

Brix Marine (formally Armstrong Marine) are in Everett completing a small laundry list of finishing details needed as we prepare for the final Coast Guard inspection.  The new ramps to the ferry are complete and stationed, one on the island and one next to the vessel in Everett.  Captain Shane has put on a thick coat of non-skid paint so they are ready for all kinds of weather.

We have been working out all of the details regarding storage and cargo runs for owners.  Attached to this email are the updated ferry rules for Another Holiday.  Please take the time to read them.  The Hat Express Rules are still on the website at this time for comparison.

Please note that as we work out the details and have Another Holiday in service, we will need the wiggle room to adjust these ferry rules.

When Another Holiday goes into service, we will be limiting the number of pets to eight.  It will be important for you to book your pets when you are making reservations that you do so for your pets as well.  If they don’t have a reservation and we are at our eight-pet limit they won’t be allowed on board.  Again, this number may change once we are in operations.

We are currently working on a cargo schedule and pricing sheet. When we are ready to start the cargo runs this will be sent out and a reservation button will be added to Bookeo.  Depending on the amount of cargo this may accommodate up to 16 passengers.  Please keep an eye out for this information to be coming shortly.

Another Holiday stopped by the island today and we were able to try out a Costco cooler that we know a lot of owners own.  It Fit!!  No room on top…. but it fit!  We also fitted the overhead shelf with a Costco carryon suitcase.

April Barge, April 7, 8 and 9th

Calling all owners!  It’s time to BOOK that barge.  What do you need to get here?  When is the last time you had your septic pumped?  Want to get that old car off the island, free of charge, that you don’t use because, well….it just doesn’t work and it hasn’t worked since 2009?  We’re here to assist you!  Fill out your barge request form and email it to

Here is the link to get the form:


Health Care for Island Staff

The Board of Trustees and Finance Committee have been researching the cost of healthcare for the Island’s full-time staff.  It is their hope that the island will be able to offer health care to its staff.  Research has been done and it looks like the cost eligible staff that would like healthcare around $25,000 to do so.  As the cost of the healthcare would be a non-budgeted item for 2021 and exceeds the cost of the $10,000 limit of expenditure the Board of Trustees could authorize, they are exploring a community vote on this matter in March of 2021.  The Board of Trustees is looking for community feedback on this proposal.  Please send your comments and feedback to




Hat Island Online Exhibit and Timeline

Make sure to check out the work of our Summer Intern, Laynie Moran:

Masks on the Ferry 

Masks continue to be required on the ferry.  Please note that this means the entire trip.  Ferry crew will remind you if they see you remove your mask.  If they have to ask you repeatedly to keep your mask on you may be fined or perhaps suspended from riding the ferry.  Hat Island has many residents that fall into the high-risk category for Covid-19.  We are not willing to put them at risk, the crew at risk and for that matter any of our owners at risk.  We know that we are all weary of COVID-19.  However, as long as these restrictions are in place, we will be enforcing them

COVID-19 Update

Just a few reminders where the island stands regarding restrictions due to COVID-19.

  • Only owners and their families can currently ride the ferry.
  • No guest boats in the marina.
  • The public restrooms are closed.
  • The playground is currently closed.

2020 Hat Express Proposed Rates

Single Passage Rates

Adult Passenger                              $9.00

Youth Passenger (7-18)                  $5.00

Child (0-6)                                         $2.00

Pet (in a carrier)                               $3.00

Pet (not in a carrier)                        $6.00

Adult Commuter Fare Books                                     $180

Youth 7-18 Commuter Fare Books                           $100

Child (to 6 years) Commuter Fare Books                 $40

Cage Pet Commuter Fare Books                                $60

Un-Caged Pet Commuter Fare Books                      $120


Hat Island, WE CAN DO THIS!

Always be sure to check these Alerts, the Hat Island Info Facebook Page and Twitter for any updates.


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Recent Tweets from the Island Manager

The water break was found halfway down the hill to the beach homes located in Divisions S and U on the main water line. Our water maintenance team will be working to repair the leak but it could take a couple of days due to weather.

We believe we isolated the leak to Divisions S & U and have shut off the valve to those divisions. The rest of the islands water pressure should return but we will double check everything in the daylight. a

We are experiencing a loss of water pressure Island wide. We may not know what the exact issue is until it’s light out. At this time after checking our water levels we haven’t seen significant water loss but we won’t be certain until the morning.

Ballots have been sent out for the 2021 Budget and Bylaw Changes! PLEASE VOTE

Water is back on in Division G!

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