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Alerts and Notices

There is a leak in an intake valve in Division N.  The water is off and the crew is working on locating the leak.  Water will be out most of the day (Monday July 13th) to Division N and possibly part of tomorrow.  We won’t know until we locate the hole until how long it will take to repair.  We will keep you updated with emails, the Hat Island website, on Facebook  and via Twitter.

Dumpster Days are Coming!

There will be 2 Dumpster Days this year.

Thursday, July 16th from 11:00am to 3:00pm and Saturday, August 1st from 8:00am to 12:00pm in the Marina by the RO Building.

Please note that we cannot take electronics, chemicals, tires, batteries,  appliances that contain(ed) Freon, paints, etc.  Paint cans will only be allowed if the tops are removed and the contents are completely dried out.

Please separate trash from scrap metal.  The metal will go in the named dumpster.  You will need a check or credit card (no cash) for normal dumpster trash.

Don’t forget the Gloves! With the exception of using the backhoe for large items, the staff will not assist in unloading your vehicles.

Prices are posted by both Marina Ramps.

Don’t forget your mask and please make sure you practice self-distancing.


Cargo on the ferry-  Please note that the ferry rules state:

*Large four (4) wheeled wagons or dock carts are not allowed. Folding wagons are allowed but must be unloaded and folded dockside. Rigid wagons are not allowed.

On lighter runs the Captain may allow your folding cart to remain loaded, however he has to make the best decision based on numbers regarding how much room he has in the cargo area.  If the captain asks you to unload your cart, please do so.  One of the issues with folding carts is that when we have a large load of cargo you cannot stack other cargo on top of them.  We appreciate your cooperation.


COVID-19 Update

Just a few reminders where the island stands regarding restrictions due to COVID-19.

  • Only owners and their families can currently ride the ferry.
  • No guest boats in the marina.
  • The public restrooms are closed.
  • The playground is currently closed.


Community Events sponsored by the Hat Island Yacht and Golf Club will take place this weekend.

The Hat Island Garden Committee will host tours of the garden on Saturday, July 4th at 4:00pm


New Ferry Reservation

The new ferry reservation system, Bookeo, is ready for its trial run.  Starting with our June sailings, reservations must be made on Bookeo.  If you have reservations on Square in June and beyond, you must reschedule on Bookeo.

If you are using coupons make sure to change the passenger number to ZERO and enter the amount of riders under coupons!

If you decide to change your reservation, you can simply edit it!  No need to cancel and rebook!

Some notes about the reservation system:

  1. Only owners can reserve space on the ferry.
  2. Owners need an email account on file to register.  We used the emails we have in our bookkeeping system.  If we don’t have your email address on file and you would like an account to make ferry reservations, please email the Hat Island office at hioffice@hatisland.comand we will get you set up.
  3. Owners will need to make the reservations for their guests.
  • Please remember at this time only owners, their spouse/partner, dependent children, other dependents living in the household, grandchildren, grandparents and siblings are allowed to ride the ferry due to COVID-19.  Your login in information is password protected.
  1. This is a prepay system and there is a 24 hr. cancellation system in place.  If you cancel after 24 hours there will be a $1 service fee.

2020 Hat Express Proposed Rates

Single Passage Rates

Adult Passenger                              $9.00

Youth Passenger (7-18)                  $5.00

Child (0-6)                                         $2.00

Pet (in a carrier)                               $3.00

Pet (not in a carrier)                        $6.00

Adult Commuter Fare Books                                     $180

Youth 7-18 Commuter Fare Books                           $100

Child (to 6 years) Commuter Fare Books                 $40

Cage Pet Commuter Fare Books                                $60

Un-Caged Pet Commuter Fare Books                      $120


Hat Island, WE CAN DO THIS!

Always be sure to check these Alerts, the Hat Island Info Facebook Page and Twitter for any updates.