Alerts and Notices

Reminder- Tomorrow there are ferry changes due to tides! 

Here is the schedule for tomorrow, Thursday June 4th 

Leave Everett at 7:00am

Leave Hat at 8:00am

Leave Everett at 4:30pm

Leave Hat at 6:30pm



As stated yesterday one of our owners has tested positive for COVID-19.  The owner rode the ferry this past Thursday, wore a mask and gloves and sat outside.  The owner has contacted all those they came into contact with and is now in self-isolation per doctor’s orders.

Out of an abundance of caution the ferry crew went in and had COVID-19 tests yesterday and we’re happy to report that the results were negative.

We want to reassure the community that we are taking every precaution possible regarding COVID-19 and we will remain diligent.

We hope our community member heals quickly and we ask that we all take this as a reminder that COVID-19 is around and we all must remain diligent using preventive measures to make sure we all remain healthy.


New Ferry Reservation

The new ferry reservation system, Bookeo, is ready for its trial run.  Starting with our June sailings, reservations must be made on Bookeo.  If you have reservations on Square in June and beyond, you must reschedule on Bookeo.

Some notes about the reservation system:

  1. Only owners can reserve space on the ferry.
  2. Owners need an email account on file to register.  We used the emails we have in our bookkeeping system.  If we don’t have your email address on file and you would like an account to make ferry reservations, please email the Hat Island office at hioffice@hatisland.comand we will get you set up.
  3. Owners will need to make the reservations for their guests.
  • Please remember at this time only owners, their spouse/partner, dependent children, other dependents living in the household, grandchildren, grandparents and siblings are allowed to ride the ferry due to COVID-19.  Your login in information is password protected.
  1. This is a prepay system and there is a 24 hr. cancellation system in place.  If you cancel after 24 hours there will be a $1 service fee.

2020 Hat Express Proposed Rates

Single Passage Rates

Adult Passenger                              $9.00

Youth Passenger (7-18)                  $5.00

Child (0-6)                                         $2.00

Pet (in a carrier)                               $3.00

Pet (not in a carrier)                        $6.00

Adult Commuter Fare Books                                     $180

Youth 7-18 Commuter Fare Books                           $100

Child (to 6 years) Commuter Fare Books                 $40

Cage Pet Commuter Fare Books                                $60

Un-Caged Pet Commuter Fare Books                      $120


Hat Island, WE CAN DO THIS!

Always be sure to check these Alerts, the Hat Island Info Facebook Page and Twitter for any updates.