Alerts and Notices


There is a schedule change for Sunday, April 12th due to tides.  The ferry will leave Everett at 4:00pm and leave Hat at 5:00pm

As you know only owners, their spouse/partner, dependent children or other dependents living in their household are allowed to ride the Hat Island ferry.  Each person riding the ferry must have their own reservation, noting the lot number.

The Ferry Crew, staff and board thank you all for your consideration in helping to keep the staff safe, yourselves safe and fellow islanders as well.  These are temporary measures, hopefully things will return to normal sooner than later.


2020 Hat Express Proposed Rates

Single Passage Rates

Adult Passenger                              $9.00

Youth Passenger (7-18)                  $5.00

Child (0-6)                                         $2.00

Pet (in a carrier)                               $3.00

Pet (not in a carrier)                        $6.00



Adult Commuter Fare Books                                     $180

Youth 7-18 Commuter Fare Books                           $100

Child (to 6 years) Commuter Fare Books                 $40

Cage Pet Commuter Fare Books                                $60

Un-Caged Pet Commuter Fare Books                      $120


Hat Island, WE CAN DO THIS!

Always be sure to check these Alerts, the Hat Island Info Facebook Page and Twitter for any updates.