The Hat Island Community Association provides several payment options for Assessments, Golf, Moorage, Ferry Tickets, Water Bills, Cars and Parking and other HICA fees.

Payment Options:

  • Secure Pay Website: The preferred payment option is using the Secure Pay Website. Click this link to be taken there…
  • Postal Mailed Check: If necessary, you can also pay by postal mailing a check to HICA, 3616 Colby Ave, PMB 335, Everett WA 98201. In the memo section of the check, please indicate your lot number and what you are paying for.
  • In Person with Credit Card: If on island, you can also pay in the office with a credit card using Square. There are no user fees for using Square.

Other Info:

  • Golf Guests: If you can, encourage your guests to pay by check when playing golf. Or better yet, come to the office and buy our discounted golf tickets and have them pay you for them!
  • Fuel: Fuel can still be purchased with a credit card (preferred) or check.